Treating wastewater is one thing. Distributing it and disposing of it in an environmentally friendly way, is another. We treat nearly 2 million gallons of wastewater every day.

Critical to managing costs is excellent maintenance and system improvement. In the last 18 months, we’ve taken steps to ensure our system is efficient and effective for years to come. This includes small things (that can become big issues) like painting tanks, pipes and other equipment that sits in the unrelenting Florida weather. Keeping up with the painting helps us reduce rust and other maintenance issues. It also includes larger investments, as well.

We’ve just completed some improvements to the wastewater treatment tanks and to the systems we use to treat the water. This is where wastewater begins its real transformation into recycled water. These improvements give us better control over the fermentation and aeration processes. Doing so will increase the efficiency of the system.

Just like our drinking water treatment systems, we monitor our wastewater treatment operations for continual improvement, too.

Transforming wastewater into recycled water for irrigation helps us conserve potable water. The water truly is “reclaimed” then reused on lawns where it enters the natural water system again.

This is conservation. This is wise use. And this is why we are creating new and better ways to expand, enhance and manage all of our water resources.

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