We don’t just understand that all water resources need to be managed, we design programs and projects to ensure that it is.

Two separate projects innovatively leverage our water sources to the best and highest use. These projects make use of water when it is available, either sending it to the system or storing it for the environment and for future use. That includes reclaimed water and stormwater.

Bracco Reservoir

It’s a 55-acre site with five excavated ponds. Beautiful to watch the wading birds there. And, we’ve added paths for walkers and joggers to enjoy time outdoors. But Bracco is much more than a beautiful recreational alternative and habitat for native plants and wildlife.

We’ve invested in what seems like a simple plan, but is really quite unique.

It’s a water management project with captured rainfall and excess reclaimed water, when it’s available. The reservoir holds both when we have plenty and allows us to use the water when we do not.

We’re managing all of our water resources while we protect and enhance the environment.

Cocoa Water Works.

Stormwater Management

Every community tries to manage stormwater. For most, that means efficiently channeling it to ditches and culverts and putting it to tide (discharging to coastal areas.) In Cocoa, that meant channeling stormwater and all that flows with it to the Indian River Lagoon.

That wasn’t good enough for Cocoa.

Cocoa invested in a stormwater retrofit project for Riverfront Park. Instead of stormwater and debris draining into the Lagoon, a new system was designed to ensure that floating debris is collected for disposal and the water is routed to an underground storage system for reuse.

In addition, Cocoa replaced impervious areas with grass to enhance percolation. The entire project was developed and paid for cooperatively with the Florida Department of Environmental Protection, St. Johns River Water Management District, the National Estuary Program and the City.

Investing in smart projects and working collaboratively to manage water resources that’s the Cocoa way.

Cocoa Water Works.