image002System Redundancies

We deliver water. We treat wastewater. We manage water resources. We deliver reclaimed water. We do it day in and day out. People count on it.

Because of that, we’ve built redundancies into the system so that if we have a problem, if we have a malfunction or a hurricane or other unexpected incident, our clients will never know. Water continues to flow.

Some examples: We have our raw water wellfield, and we also have Taylor Creek Reservoir. We treat water when its abundant and we store it for later use. We added aquifer storage and recovery wells (ASR) to our water supply plan years ago—well before others even considered it as an alternative. Of course, we also have storage above ground.

We have two major treatment processes (one for groundwater and one for surface water). If one had an issue, the other can continue to treat water and send it to customers or to storage.

Our water monitoring, our well monitoring, our systems for getting water to and from the plant—all have alternatives so that we can continue to provide water to our customers, day in and day out, no matter what.

Cocoa Water Works.