Our Water

Water is a resource. Groundwater, surface water, rainwater and reclaimed water are all recycled and we use them all again and again to ensure that we are efficient with the water we are given.

For example, our drinking water comes from the Taylor Creek Reservoir and from the ground. Once that water is used, it’s returned to our wastewater treatment plant where it is treated and used for irrigation and pond augmentation.

Ponds are filled with our recycled water and with stormwater. They provide habitat for wildlife and a source of augmentation for our reclaimed water system.

Water is water. It’s a limited and precious commodity and we manage it diligently to ensure that our systems and our customers have the water they need now and in the future.

The City of Cocoa Water System processes approximately 8.2 billion gallons of water each year with peak flows reaching 27.1 million gallons per day (mgd) during the summer. Since 1990 the number of connections has increased from 48,500 to more than 80,000. The average daily flow has increased from 22 mgd in 1990 to more than 22.7 mgd in 2012.